"Never initiate what you cannot saturate with prayer!"


Gathered for Power!


A Gathering For Intercessory Prayer

This is the most important service of the week where we gather to give ourselves to the principle work of prayer  --  where we bring the pain of earth  --  to the door of heaven. 

You won't want to miss this time together in the mid week!

4/3/13 a new 6 week series with Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle

"When God's Spirit Moves!"


Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Alliance Prayer Request
from CMA Headquarters

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Please join us
for the XO Marriage Conference
Friday, February 13                Saturday, February 14 
    7:00 pm       Desserts                 9:00 am      Breakfast
      8:00-10pm  Conference            10am-12pm Conference

       Click here for conference info             Click here to signup!  

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